Advice & Training

Advice & Training

We offer training in many areas, from understanding financial statements to carrying out your own bookkeeping and VAT returns. We tailor our training to your needs and training sessions can be

  • At our office, your premises or at your home
  • As short or long as you need
  • One-off or part of a long-term training plan

We will agree an action plan at the start of the training to ensure that we both understand its goals and can evaluate the training at the end. We are more than happy to arrange follow-up training sessions if required and can provide ongoing support by telephone or email. Because our training is tailored we can provide one-to-one support as well as group training and we can ensure we teach at the right pace for you.

Have you ever found yourself wondering:

  • Is our bookkeeping software working for the business?
  • Are we making the most of our bookkeeping data?
  • How well are we keeping track of our costs?
  • Could I benefit from better cash-flow forecasting?
  • Why isn’t the business making more money?
  • How does Pay As You Earn work?

Perhaps we can help you with:

  • Credit control systems
  • Reconcilation of accounts
  • Preparing your own bookkeeping year end pack to reduce accountancy costs
  • Operating a contract costing system
  • Keeping track of staff time and cost