Why Choose Sigma?

Why Choose Sigma?

An increasing list of start up businesses, established businesses and individuals rely on Sigma’s services to meet their statutory obligations.

We have also helped clients start up successful businesses, turn ailing businesses around, and grow their businesses through our bespoke business advice and training services. This is where we feel our wealth of experience can be of most benefit to our clients and our clients appreciate our ability to communicate complex financial, taxation and accounting issues without expecting them to learn a whole new language!

Clients also choose sigma because:

  • We take pride in our work
  • We take an interest in you and your business
  • We offer great value for money
  • We can reduce the stress of dealing with taxation as well as running and growing a business
  • We’ve got lots of experience, and want to pass some of our knowledge on to you (if you want)
  • We make accountancy interesting (no, really, we have been told this!)
  • We’re genuinely interested in you and your business
  • We’re down to earth and we speak plain English, not just accountancy jargon
  • We’re regulated by the ACCA, who ensure we provide a quality service

Reducing risk, reducing stress

Our experience of assisting so many businesses with both their management and financial statutory reporting means that we are able to highlight and advise on areas of risk that could impede business stability, profitability and growth. We have also dealt with many HMRC inspections and investigations for both businesses and individuals, and can help you reduce the risk of HMRC looking into your affairs. Even if you have a routine inspection from HMRC, we can help reduce the risk of it becoming a full-blown enquiry.

Although one of the primary functions of an accountant is to reduce the stress of running a business or dealing with personal tax affairs – most people are far too busy to learn the ins and outs of accountancy and taxation – at Sigma we go the extra mile to ensure that meeting your statutory obligations is as stress-free as possible, whether this is through a gentle reminder when deadlines are looming, or providing an integrated bookkeeping, payroll and accountancy service so you can concentrate on running your business. We can offer out of hours appointments, telephone, email and face to face support, separate director-only payrolls for confidentiality, and much more. If you want any further information on our specialist services or to discuss your specific requirements, contact us now to book a free one-hour consultation.